Gangster’s Casino Ban

It looks like online casino games are the only gambling option left to Nikolic brothers John and Danny, having both been banned from the Crown Casino by police in order to curtail their illegal gambling ? with Danny also banned from all racecourses for the next two years.

Six Month Delay In Spain?s Launch of Online Gambling

Spain has one of the biggest gambling markets in Europe after Germany, France and Italy. So it?s really sad to know that Spain has actually delayed its entry into the world of online casino games by six months. Spain had planned to open its markets with the onset of the New Year, but it looks […]

Sports Betting Integrity

A recently released report on sports betting which was printed in one of Malta?s biggest newspapers has discovered that integrity is of utmost importance if online sports betting web sites are to prosper. An article put on Malta?s Independant Online news web site confirms that overall reliability and integrity are the most important aspects to […]

Yes, eCORGA actually works

eCORGA seal is what gives you the reassurance that the online casino that you are visiting is providing you fair and responsible gaming. Ever thought of how eCORGA, the independent player protection and standards body, provides such service and what does it do when there are issues regarding online casino software, casinos and their services?

Know more about casino payouts

An important factor that gamblers must always take into consideration is the payout percentage of online casino games. The payout percentage indicated what proportion of the total money bet by players will be paid to them in the form of winnings. Most casinos offer around 97% which means that a player will receive 97% of […]

Whats Cooking?

Whats Cooking? No, it?s not the title to a new cook show, but a brand new online casino slot game from Playtech casinos. This slot game is very creative and the designers have really pushed their skills in creating a very appealing, realistic and entertaining slot game. The animations are a lot of fun and […]

Online Poker Cheats From South Korea

33 people have been arrested in connection with theft of $45,000 by installing malicious online software onto the home computers of thousands of online casino players. The gang of computer whizzes broke into several people?s houses and installed DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service program on up to 11,000 computers across the country. Once installed, […]

Evaluating Customer Support

Customer Support is of vital importance to an online casino as players are likely to face complexities at any stage in a game or with other issues. For example, unable to download a particular game or maybe a more complicated problem as in a bonus being withheld or withdrawn. Such issues can only be sorted […]