Euro 2012 Bets

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With many online casinos offering bonus bets, and online betting agencies going all out to draw in the customers for the Euro 2012 tournament, it is easy to find great deals out there that could net you a huge payout. The only problem is, you have to know where to put your money for some safe betting choices ? so you need to get your hands on a few predictions if you do not already have a good idea of what you think the outcome will be.

You can of course bet game by game, or decide who you think will take home the overall cup. The earlier you bet on the final the better, as you will get impressive odds split between all of the teams left in the competition. There are a number of sites out there offering odds on the tournament as well as some rather bizarre methods for picking teams, so here is a run down of the way it all currently stands.

The favourites at the moment are Spain, with a good run so far ? beating Ireland by four goals against nil was an impressive result that certainly turned a few heads. They play again tomorrow, but until then Germany are leading the points board with nine (at one game more than Spain, who currently stand at four points). Looking at the next few games to come up, you need only play the statistics to get a fair idea of who the favourites are to win each: the unbeaten Germany come up against one time winners Greece on the 22nd of June, as the twice beaten Czech Republic square off against similar scorers Portugal on the 21st ? not so easy to predict that one. Statistically, France have the edge over Sweden for their match tomorrow, whilst England might just be able to pull ahead of the Ukraine thanks to their one draw and one win versus the Ukrainian one win and one loss.

If statistics do not appeal to you, of course, there are other methods to try. You could ask Kev, the psychic chicken from Kiev, who has been making headlines as a purported ?cousin? of last World Cup?s Paul the Octopus, who predicted a fair few matches correctly. Or you could try an online casino guide to see what they suggest.

You have quite a few matches left to perfect your technique ? nine, in fact ? but the final is on the 1st of June, so it is not so far away as you might think. Then of course it will be time to start thinking about the Olympics, and what bets you can place on the outcome of those events.

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