Making internet browsing safe

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The internet is a highway of information. It?s amazing how much you can find about a number of subjects when you browse online. But along with having these positive traits, the World Wide Web is a vast space and sometimes you can get lost in the sea of information. Sometimes you may be misguided to many sites that you did not intend to find. While some may tread on the back roads of the internet in search of things they want, others may find this kind of information offensive and even disturbing. What is even more frightful is how easily such kind of information can be accessed.

Parents these days are happy about the benefits the internet provides but are also fearful of all the adult content that can be accessed by their children. A study reveals that that 12 % of parents in the U.K. and 23 % in Northern Ireland think the risks related to surfing the net are significantly greater than the benefits. A way to protect children from adult content is by using the parental controls that screen and block certain content, such as pornography and online casino games. Offering proper guidance and education about the risks related to adult content web sites must be included in the teaching of internet search skills.

Internet gambling sites are extremely diligent when it comes to maintaining their websites and preventing underage gambling. Online gambling sites have strict protocols that prevent underage gamblers from accessing their sites. If online gambling sites are not careful they risk losing their license and reputation and hence they provide no risk to the youth