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To make safe betting choices and to recognize a trusted online casino there are various things to consider, like casino licenses, payout percentages been regulated by a third party and the security of the casino software.

Various governments around the world issue online casino gambling licenses to casino operators, but the operators have to go through checks and have to provide much information to obtain a license. This guarantees that the gambling operators conform to strict standards. In this way, fairness, reliability, security, credibility and trust are insured. Possession of a genuine casino license is the minimum requirement needed at an online casino to allow customers to wager.

Although the online gambling industry has existed for more than fifteen years, no international regulation has been established yet. Thus, licenses are granted for particular territories. In 1994, the islands of Antigua and Barbuda were the first to propose a legal gambling license. Five years later, the Kahnawake reserve established theirs. In 2000 they were joined by the British territories of the Isle of Man and Gibraltar. Today the other cities that hold gaming license have grown and include places like the United Kingdom and some States in America like Arizona, Missouri, Florida, Georgia and the very famous Nevada State. Thanks to the licensing from these areas players from around the world can wager safely on numerous casino games like blackjack, craps, casino online slots, roulette, bingo, poker or sports betting events.

e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance is a non-profit regulatory body and authority of online gambling industry, that was established in 2002. The organization ensures fair play, protection for gamblers and is responsible for the peaceful conduct of gaming operators. It basically protects casinos who engage in legal online gaming.

It has reviewed more than 150 online casinos that use software from various providers. The primary concern of eCOGRA is to ensure prompt and accurate payments, safe recording of information, and responsible conduct by the online casino and gaming room operators.

Some international gaming licensing and regulatory authorities such as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission are dedicated to developing and implementing stricter regulations designed to ensure that all interactive gaming and all the functions of games, meet the basic guidelines. These principles include ensuring that only suitable persons and entities are permitted to operate casinos, the games offered by these firms are fair to all players. Here again, any deviation from the terms and conditions approved by the committee may result in immediate termination of the license of the online casino.

The practices of fair play are being developed and improved with the growth of casino gambling industries. In fact, some of the major online casinos offer its players, various benefits and services that exceed what is being offered at land based casinos. For example, online players can now enjoy the luxury of being able to review every wager made, including the date and exact time, the amount you bet, your winnings, and other detailed results and information such as financial transactions, the casino account deposits and withdrawals from the player. The most essential element among most online casinos is clearly directed toward a more secure and reliable gaming and entertainment experience.

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