Sports Betting Integrity

A recently released report on sports betting which was printed in one of Malta?s biggest newspapers has discovered that integrity is of utmost importance if online sports betting web sites are to prosper. An article put on Malta?s Independant Online news web site confirms that overall reliability and integrity are the most important aspects to users, and recognising this would help ensure the overall success of sports books online.

With regards to the current economic climate, the article confirms that the sports gaming industry employs over 800,000 people and generates an incredible amount of for the government. Malta is a sovereign nation in the Mediterranean and has a population of just below 500,000 people. It has long been a hub for online gambling companies with many different firms licensed by the local Lotteries and Gaming Authority.

As is already a well known fact to our readers, we are only interested in the promotion of online casinos and sports betting operators who abide by the rules and have a lot of integrity. If and when you find yourself choosing an online sports betting operator to play with, make sure you find one which is regulated and certified by independent authorities such as Malta?s LGA.