Thawte and SSL Certification

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It is high time that we knew a little more about the agencies that make our online casinos safe by certifying them. Thawte and VeriSign are the two agencies that are involved in the certification of online casino security systems. This is a part of the process of getting an online casino license.

Mark Shuttleworth is the founder of Thawte that came into existence in 1995. Thawte is the first certificate authority outside the United States that specializes in SSL certification and can credit itself for issuing more than 945,000 SSL and code signing certificates that are used to protect player identities and transactions in more than 240 countries. One of Thawte?s main functions would be to secure the financial, accounts and transaction details of a player, for identity theft. Even though Thawte was acquired by VeriSign Inc, in 2000 it still functions as an independent agency of certification. 2004 saw Thawte becoming the first certificate authority to recognize international domain names.

SSL certification by Thawte involves three levels and these three are approved by Thawte seal. You can find the seal of approval in an online casino in the payment information section or your deposit and withdrawal information pages. So the next time you look at a Thwate seal you will understand that there is more behind this seal of approval than what meets the eye.

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