Top 10 signs of a bad casino

Filed under : Safe Betting Choices

Well we all make some bad decisions and we even learn to accept it. But then there are decisions that you should be kicking yourself for, unless you can fix. A bad decision when it comes to a casino cannot be all that life threatening unless you can relate to at least one of Top 10 signs that it is time to quit the casino that you are playing at, as listed below;

10: When the dealer tells you that that he won with a six-of-a-kind against your full house.

9: If you find some players playing ?Will it Float?? with a sack of fertilizer.

8: When you find a children?s table between the high stakes and low stakes table.

7: If your casino has a banner reading no gambling.

6: If you find an advertisement that says that the slots are as loose as your girl.

5: If it says free buffet and the only thing offered is lemon wedges.

4: If your one spin of roulette lasts for the entire week.

3: If their headlines say something about a cadaver being their new promotions manager.

2: When a pack of rats join you for a friendly game of poker.

1: If you find the word ?Trump? on the casino.