Ultimate Bet Security Breach Affects 3.5 Million Online Poker Players

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Again and again players at a number of online poker sites have entrusted their sensitive information and have found that their data ended up being leaked to third party organisations. The most recent news coming from various online gambling news sources makes it incredibly clear that a few of these operators shouldn’t be trusted any longer. The latest failing of Ultimate Bet?s safety measures has revealed players’ account information, which has now been publicly posted on the internet. Almost 3.5 million poker accounts were compromised, making this one of the biggest security failings in history.

A download link to this information was posted by an anonymous user, but was taken down after a mere eight minutes of going up. Unfortunately in this age of super fast interconnected information, even during these few moments the information had been downloaded many times. This leaked data included such information as full names and addresses, birth dates, email and IP addresses, telephone number, and even account balance. Thankfully no bank account information was included thanks to that data being stored by third party payment processors.

Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker together make up the Cereus Network. The company is now just about defunct ever since the U.S. Department of Justice seized their domains and the majority of their assets. Since then most of the players haven’t been in a position to convert their winnings into cash, while some non U.S. poker players have in some cases been able to withdraw small amounts.

It has been speculated that the two poker rooms collectively owe approximately $54 million dollars to their players. If this is correct then they simply don’t have the money available, with as little as ten percent of this sum being available. Recently the Kahnawake Gaming Commission who issued their online casino license released a statement indicating the Cereus Network is considering the option of liquidation to pay the ammount owed to players. It is to be noted that only Ultimate Bet members are affected by the leak of data, but they are warned to be cautious of phone calls and other unsolicited contact.

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